Care for Rhodium Plated Jewelry

Do not clean your rhodium plated jewelry in chemical cleaners such as jewelry dips. Some sonic jewelry cleaners also use chemicals. It can wear the rhodium plating off more quickly. I made this mistake and have since stopped using my sonic jewelry cleaner to clean my bridal set. Instead I steam clean my rings.

Avoid rubbing your jewelry against surfaces. If you’re going to be doing a lot of work with your hands, you’ll want to remove your rings during that time. This goes for when you’re doing tasks such as heavy cleaning and yard work.

If you wear your rhodium plated jewelry for significant periods of time, it is bound to wear eventually. To restore its bright shine and gleaming appearance you can have it replated. If you want to have a piece of jewelry replated, take it to a reputable jeweler. It costs about $25 depending on the jeweler. This is well worth it if you wear your jewelry every day or often. Particularly rings.

Now that you know the steps for caring for your rhodium plated jewelry you can maintain its brilliant shine.